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Organic Fumigation

In attempts to create a solution for the underlying and undeniable growth of pests and insects that have caused a raging nuisance in the health of Ghanaians and people of the Sub Sahara, Green-Gro provides an organic solution that prioritizes and safeguards the environment and health needs of the people.

The company’s simple solution utilises the natural ingredient Azadirachtin,
found in the neem plant to control all these disease-inflicting and harm-causing pests such as mosquitoes, flies, bugs, cockroaches, lice, ants and other creeping and flying insects in both domestic and commercial areas.

By simple methods of spraying and cleaning of all surfaces as well as ridding convenient hiding places of these burdening creatures that are easily overlooked, the product repels and impedes these havoc-causing insects from any further progress in both homes and public places



Our organic neem oil, a natural extract from the neem seed has a particularly strong natural smell, that when diffused in the environment and on surfaces drives away insects such as mosquito, flies and cockroaches in homes and public institutions. The most intriguing of all is the harmlessness of this chemical free product to humans and pets.


The neem oil contains an impressive degree of Azadirachtin,the most active ingredient that isn’t so pleasant for insects when exposed or applied. This active ingredient doesn’t foster feeding,hence hunger and starvation, then death of these disturbing insects.

Impedes growth

In most cases insects and pets always have some breeding areas,where more of their kind in the form of newborns are produced and hidden. Exposure of our organic product prevents breeding, stops metamorphosis, therefore
eradicating the entire existence of these unwanted insects in said places. This creates a safe, healthy and burden free environment and habitat and stops pest metamorphosis.

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