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Green-Gro FAQ

Who are the users of Green-Gro Organic fertilizer ?

It can be used on everything that grows. Users include all farmers, horticulturists, cash crop plantation and orchard owners and forestry managers. It can even be used as ground feed in fish and snail farming.

What plants or trees can use Green-Gro Organic Fertilizer?

As examples, “Gro-Plenty” is being used very successfully for growing;
Vegetables – tomato, pepper, onion, cabbage, carrot, cauliflower, eggplant
Fruits – pineapple, mango, pawpaw, banana, citrus
Staples – maize, yam, plantain, rice, sorghum, millet, cassava
Cash Crops – oil palm, cashew, rubber, cotton, cocoa, citronella, jatropha, coconut
Horticulture – orchids, flowers from seeds, bulbs and rhizomes, indoor and outdoor exotic and ornamental plants and shrubs
Forestry – teak, cidrella and many other forest trees.

Can Green-Gro Organic Fertlizer be used to feed fish?

Green-Gro Organic Fertilizer can be used as ground feed in fish and snail farming.

What protection does Green-Gro Organic Pesticide gives?

gives good plant protection against attack from a wide variety of nematodes, leaf eating caterpillars, hopping and crawling insects and from general flying pests.

Who are the users of Green-Gro Organic Pesticide ?

All growers, and for any crop. It is not known to be injurious to any vegetable, fruit, flower, shrub or tree. In the natural oil form it can also be used for the treatment of human head lice and cuts and sores on farm animals. As examples, but in no way limited to the following, “Gro-Safe” is being used

 Are the Pesticide Harmful ?

It is not harmful to farm animals. In fact, farm green waste that has been treated with “Gro-Safe” and is then fed to farm animals, helps to control animal intestinal worm infection.

What are cocofibre made of?

Green-Gro’s Cocofibre is produced from dried coconut husks including the hard coconut shells. These husks are machine grounded to produce a coarse fibrus material hat das worked efficienl as a water management element in the soil or potten compost.

What is Neem Cake?

Neem cake is the residual product remaining after the cold pressing of the neem seed for the extraction of the natural and organic oil.  The high content of azadirachtin in neem cake protects crops against a wide range of parasites in addition to it also enriching the soil.
Neem cake, used as an organic manure, is forked, dug or ploughed into the soil where it gives protection to plant roots against attack from nematodes and white ants.   For common vegetable crops, 200kg per hectare (81kg per acre) is recommended.

 What can Neem Cake be used for?

Pest Control : Neem cake can be used as an effective pest control. The bitter effect of the cake and that given to the soil, is reported to have the following beneficial activities as; antifeedant; attractant; repellent; insecticide; nematicide; growth disruptor and antimicrobial.  These activities come from the presence of salannin, azadirachtin and azadiradione.

Used as a fertilizer: The use of neem shows better yields than that of conventional urea, etc.   Neem cake organic manure protects plant root systems from nematodes, soil grubs and white ants largely due to it containing residual limonoids.  It acts as a natural fertilizer with the addition of having pesticidal properties. Neem cake is commonly used, particularly in India, to fertilize rice paddy, cotton and sugarcane. Its use has shown an increase in the dry matter in Tectona grandis (teak) Acacia nilotica (gum arabic) and other forest trees.

Neem cake reduces alkalinity in soil as it produces organic acids when decomposing.  Being totally natural, it is compatible with the useful soil microbes and improves the rhizosphere microflora.  This all works towards ensuring increased soil fertility.  Additionally, neem cake adds to the organic matter contained in the soil, so improving soil texture, water holding capacity and soil aeration which all assist for much improved healthy and strong root development.


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