Who we are

Incorporated in November 1998, Green-Gro Limited was the first company in all West Africa to commercially produce a fully aerobically composted organic fertilizer and substrate that was suitable for the propagation and continuing strong growth of all local species of vegetables, fruits, flowers, shrubs, trees and grasses. The resulting organic fertilizer is “Gro-Plenty”.

After training sponsored by USAID at the Rodale Institute in the USA and following the advice given by a Danish soil scientist sponsored by DANIDA, years of growing trials using “Gro-Plenty” as the growing medium with an endless variety of vegetable, fruit and general plant stock, all resulted in crops giving higher quality and higher yields, without any failures being recorded.

In addition to the proven excellence of Green-Gro’s “Gro-Plenty” when used on its own for propagation, or in a pre-mix or a growing-on substrate, the products add back to the soil essential natural elements that have previously been slowly depleted by poor farming practice, or the over use of chemical fertilizers.  Green-Gro isnow looking to add a research centre for natural remedies for skin care and medicinal therapies. Green-Gr will continue to innovate and find natural therapies for a chemical-free world.

Our Mission

World Wide, it is now commonly acknowledged that organic matter must be returned to the soil to improve soil fertility, crop quality and crop yield. Adding organic matter back into the soil will help reduce the instances reported in many countries of soil suddenly, and without warning, turning into dust no longer able to maintain any real structure. Green-Gro Ltd is working hard to help prevent any further soil degradation in Ghana.

In joining the environmental awareness battle; in addition to producing organic “Gro-Plenty”, Green-Gro also markets “Gro-Safe”, a cold-pressed organic neem oil pest control and organic neem cake, both Ghanaian. This is to assist with the aim of balancing the use of chemical and organic products used in local farming practice. A reference to “Google” for neem gives hundreds of sites and over 20,500,000 hits.

These organic products, when used in conjunction with chemicals or just on their own in natural farming, will further add to the attempts being made by Green-Go to reduce the residual traces of unacceptable chemicals that are now being detected in some fruit and vegetable products sold in both Ghana and in those sent for export.

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Dr. Nanayaa Bates joined Green-Gro as the Technical director and has developed neem-based formulated products for skin care, veterinary and pest control in the home. These products are all-natural and contained natural and organic ingredients from Ghana. Our insect repellent for example is fantastic at protecting you and your family from mosquitoes and other biting insects. It is Deet-free and child friendly

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